The Golden Warrior Princess

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Some info about Me:
  • I came to my new home on September 26th
  • I'm not really housebroken yet, but I'm working on it - just a few accidents here and there. I sleep through the night, but I wake my daddy usually before 6am to go potty outside.
  • I really like my new home - it's full of lots of toys, but I have a feeling all of the toys weren't meant for me. There's this kid here who likes to play with them too.
Here's me, looking exceptionally cute, on the night I came to my new home.
Look kid, most of the other toys are yours, can you leave mine alone?
Hey, what are you doing under there?
Will you read me a story?
Can I just nibble at your feet a little bit?
See, it tickles when I nibble at your feet, doesn't it?
I really like this thing.
Cool - the kid went to bed. I think I'll try this saucer thing myself. How do you get into it? Hey, hey, this isn't the right way - now I'm stuck! Help!
You know, this is kind of fun! I think I finally got this figured out....
This is usually a good place to crash, but sometimes I don't get all of me onto the bed.
Hmmm - if I start here, I wonder how long it will take me to get to the orange part?
Puppies need sleep too, you know.

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