Me at 2 Years Old!!!
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Some info on me:

I'm a very typical 2 year old now. I'm talking up a storm, but mommy sometimes has to translate for people 'cause they don't understand what I'm talking about.

I've started counting, I know many of my letters, and most of my colors. One of my favorite words is still "backhoe".

Height: 36"
Weight: 33 lb.

Mommy and I are giggling here.

Luke, Pop-pop, Aunt Wendy, and Miss Leah at my birthday party.
Luke, Pop-pop and Aunt Wendy again.
This is my cousin Grace.
Here's Grace and me planning our attack on the birthday cakes.
Pop-pop helped me blow out the candles on my birthday cake.
Pop-pop taught me how to eat cake without getting a fork dirty.
Here's me with Miss Leah. She looks silly wearing my Easter bucket as a hat.
Grace was trying to play Uncle Luigi's trumpet.
I like riding up-up-up on Pop-pop's shoulders.
Having fun in the bathtub...
Xena wanted to wear one of my t-shirts, but she's too big.

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