Me at 22 Months Old!
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Miss Leah looks silly in My Firefighter's Costume..

Just hanging out with Tigger and my fishy..
Having a nap on a Riggs-skin rug...
This was my second pony ride - I had fun!
The baby cow is licking my ear.
Now the baby cow is licking my hand!
The tag says it's for Ty, but I think Daddy's going to have fun with that remote control car too.

I didn't really want to sit on Santa's lap until they gave me a cookie.


Photo by Eric Snyder of Artsynk.

Showing off my Santa PJ's!
Mommy made this yummy cake for my playgroup's Christmas party.
I like opening presents, especially when there are toys inside - like this firetruck.
This is my favorite way to play with cars and trucks - I get to see how to work this way.
Hey, Santa - thanks for the horse calendar!
This is the blue light, this is the red light, this is the green light...

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