Me at 19 Months Old!
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Miss Leah took me to the pumpkin patch. Did you know Pumpkins make great chairs?
This isn't a pumpkin, it's a pumpkinette!
Can I drive THIS tractor? Huh? Huh? Huh?
So, what would happen if I bounced... like Tigger?
I like to open this cabinet and take all of the plastic lids out.
Then sometimes I like to move my snack into the cabinet.
And sometimes I just like to be alone.
I was running around outside and my hair got all sweaty. So Daddy decided to make it REALLY wild by putting some mousse into it.
Daddy took this cool picture of me.
I like simple things, like Salt Mills.
Wow, isn't this salt mill cool?
Snuggling with Pop-Pop and watching Pooh...
Check out this physique
Yes, I'm really driving the tractor...
Daddy put it on cruise control for me.

The tractor is great!

And click here to see a movie of me driving!!!!! (warning - the file is over 500K)

Uncle Brian came to visit from Texas.

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