The Laundry Basket

Uncle Eric put Camila and me into the Laundry Basket, and then he started snapping pictures. here's what came out...
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Okay, Camila, I'll sit back and relax, and you can drive!
Hey, wait, there's a ceiling fan in this room!
Okay, you have your side, and I have my side.
She: Psst... Follow my lead... on the count of three, we'll both grab the rail and shake, and maybe we'll get out of this basket!
She: Four, Two, One, Six, Three, Shake!
He: Well, that was fun... What's next?
She: You idiot! You didn't shake hard enough! Waaah!

She: Now we'll be stuck in this basket forever!

He: Oh, get a grip. This is kind of fun!

She: Fun? You think this is fun? You are just waaaaaay too uncool for me to hang out with...
He: Really, Camila, you should just sit back and enjoy it - it's not so bad...

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