In Memorium - May, 1996 - May 12, 2001

Geordie came into our lives when he was 12 months old. He was full of life and sweetness, and was immediate best friends with all he came into contact with. In April, he started having problems with his digestion which caused dehydration, and we took him to the hospital to have massive amounts of fluids replaced. After a day or two, he was back to his old chipper self, but 3 weeks later, his lethargy returned. We took him to the hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, and they determined that he actually had a cancerous tumor on his heart, which was allowing fluid and blood to fill the area around the heart. After going over all of the treatment alternatives, none of which would cure the cancer, we decided to bring him home and spoil him during his final days. For the next 10 days, we played with him and spoiled him, and loved him like never before. On May 12, the tumor again caused the pericardium to fill, and he died in the afternoon. We feel robbed that he was on this earth only 5 years, because the world would certainly be a much better place with Geordie's brand of love in it.

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