My trip to Florida!
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Some more info about my trip: We went to Florida in November. We spent a week at a timeshare in the Florida Keys, and then spent another week at a resort close by Uncle Eric's house. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Uncle Eric and Aunt Carolina's house - Grandma Cookie made a big turkey, but I was so pooped out from playing at the playground I slept through dinner! Good thing I woke up in time for dessert, though. Here are some pictures from my trip.
Daddy was blowing bubbles and I was trying to catch them..

We went to ride ponies, and Camila really liked it.
She's a real natural.
I usually like ponies but on this day I really didn't want to go. So I rode on my "daddy pony", while Bob walked with the pony.
Camila is trying to balance this ball on my head.
I am Ty, fearless explorer.
Wow, daddy, this slide is high off the ground.
I'll give the slide a try I guess.
Conquered those two, let me go down this really BIG kid slide. Let Go, Daddy!
Slides are serious work!
Camila - get off my slide!
Why is it the one who needs the sunglasses doesn't have any, and the other one has 2 pairs?
In my floatie bathing suit I can swim all by myself!
Yeah, Dad, that's a nice duck, but I want to splash with the girls!
This is another fun way to play in the pool
You know, big leaves in the rain forest make great sunshades.
In Florida they have a lot of parrots - I saw a bunch of them!
I'm having fun here
En garde!
I really like watching my DVD on Daddy's laptop
See - I showed Cami how to watch movies on the computer too.
Yup, she's hooked too.

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