My First Christmas

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My Cousin Grace, all ready to go grocery shopping with her new shopping cart.
My cousin Grace with my Granny.
Here's my granny with all her grandkids.
Oops, I forgot one. Here's my granny with ALL her grandkids (at the time of this picture, anyway. Just after Christmas, Luke and Grace got a new puppy named Max, giving Granny another Grand-dog.)
Here's Gran and Pop-Pop just arriving for Christmas dinner.
Here's me with Granny and Xena.
Here's me and Mommy.
Playing with Christmas presents is awesome.
Here's my cousin Luke with Granny.
Granny's learning how to play pinball.
This is my Aunt Mel acting like a present with a Christmas bow on her head.
I'm trying to play with Grace's toy, but I think I'll have to wait a few years to understand what the letters mean...
Hic! I think I should stick to milk. Between the seltzer and the wine, these hiccups are killing me!
I like my new toy.
I REALLY like my new toy.
This is Aunt Wendy with Grace and LOTS of Christmas presents.
Xena, Uncle Luigi and Grace.

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