Me at 15 Months Old!
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Some more info about my 15th month:
  • Weight: 27 pounds 13 oz., and 32 1/4inches tall
  • Things that make me happy:
    • Walking and running, inside and out.
    • Kicking a ball - I'm a natural at soccer.
    • Reading books, by myself or if someone reads them to me (over and over and over again).
    • Listening to music - I really like it when we go into my room and turn on my boom box
    • Visiting the ducks and playing with their food
    • Watching the birds and the squirrels eat from the bird feeder outside the dining room window
    • Eating. I love to eat just about everything Mommy & Daddy give me. I'm not really fond of feta cheese though (see below).
    Pictures of me:

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