Me at the Delmarva Folk Festival!
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Here's me on my very first Horse ride. It was scary at first...

...but I really started to like it. A Lot.
Then this pretty girl got on the BIG horse with me. That was even better!
We went around and around.
I didn't want the horses to go bye-bye!
I like being on stage. This pumpkin is kinda heavy though...
I'm trying to get into that laid-back festival mode, like the guy behind me.
You can meet all kinds of new friends at a Folk Festival
Mommy had Tigger on her shirt... Tigger's cool...
After all this fun, I'm tired, but this bench isn't very fun for napping.
There were these people dressed up as frogs dancing to Cajun music. I liked dancing with them
They even picked me up to show me how to dance Zydeco
Of course, before the end of the Cajun set, I was fast asleep. It was a very long day for a very small boy.

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