Easter 2003

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We had an Easter Egg Hunt at our house for Easter. 14 Kids, and it had been raining for a week, so we did the hunt inside. We even had a visit from the long-eared one!

The bunny appears...

The bunny handing out eggs...
What a great Easter Bunny
Doesn't anybody want an Easter Egg?
Here's one for you
It's almost time to go now...
Hey, didn't you get one already?
I'm pretty sure you did get one already...
Okay, I guess you can have one more.
And here's one for you too.
Yup, you're cute - you can have an extra Easter Egg.
Group Photo
Group Photo - part 2
Easter Cake 1
Easter Cake 2. Mommy and Daddy thought I would go nuts when I saw my toys on this cake, but instead I went to my bucket of animals and got a pair of tigers to add. Not many farms have tigers, you know.
The whole party
Wow - they're really ducks!

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