April 2003
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Boy, that was a tiring lunch...

We got baby ducks!
They're really little.
Riggs and Xena like to check them out.
Xena thinks they look like lunch
After my bath I like to take laps wearing my big boy pants...
They're from Bob the Builder - I have a backhoe on my butt!
I like to wear daddy's shoes, including his big motorcycle boots.
Riggs will sleep through anything. We were blowing bubbles in the kitchen and he's asleep, just covered in bubbles.
Riggs looks good in my Woody hat.
We went to see Sesame Street Live - here's me sitting on Miss Leah's lap.
We had a good view of the stage.
Here's Rosita and Grover dancing with non-monsters.
And the man of the hour - Elmo.
I like truffles.
I like these boots, even though they don't match.
Ain't I cute?

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